Sunday, July 19, 2009

I hate writing Tribute Pages.

I hate writing tribute pages. Cause these pages means that someone else is gone, and its really just sad to see someone die. We can only give them our prayers, and learn the lessons of their lifes.On 8th July 09, Maria Hertogh died of leukemia. For those who is not familiar with Singaporean history, Maria Hertogh was a young Dutch child adopted by a Malay family during WW2, when her parents were POW of the Japanese. After WW2, her Dutch parents were released and set out to locate their daughter, who had grown and converted to Islam. A court case ensued, in which the British seal a nailed in their coffin when they were insensitive to the Malay's sentiment, thus causing the Maria Hertogh Riots. You could read up more on Maria Hertogh Riots if you like, but to cut the story short, the riots showed how important it is to respect the sentiments of other races and religion. I realise that in Singapore, I am priveledge that I grow up with Malays, Chinese and Indian friends. I don't feel awkward when I talk to people who are not of my race or nationality.

The story of 15 year old Andre Tang that came out on 15th July edition of the Newpaper is of great importance to me. He is my next-door neighbour. For those who didn't read it, Andre died due to an rare abnormal heart condition where he only had half-a-heart. I forgot what it was, but his doctor had detected it when he was still in his mother's womb, and the doctor only gave him 3 weeks to live. But his mother had refuse to abort him, and after he was born, 3 weeks became months, and months became years. Sad to say, he finally passed away on the 12th of July, 2009.

Andre was a good, intelligent kid. His childish innocence never fail to amuse us. His laughter was infectious, and he was really a good kid. How many of us would pick up a stray animal and bring it home to feed and care for it. He was a great artist, and he manage to sold his artworks to buy his own laptop. When his sister quarrels, he would defuse it and when he notice that my father was at our living room and his sisters walk by our house without greeting my father, he would scold them. My family learn of his condition late last year, and how he would probably die.

And amid all this thing, he knew he was going to die soon. Its not an easy thing to know. While other kids think of what to study or what to play, he had to endure the pain of his sickness, while at the same time, write his own will and the challenges he face, we cannot pretend we understand. It was amazing how he took everything with a stride, sometimes joking about his fate, even his own death. But there was no doubt in my mind, that Andre still felt affected by it, and that the challenges he face were really tough, and not every grown man could take like as he did. We can say what we would do, but Andre had to really done it, and he did so admirably.

Andre taught me, that life is too short, and one must live life to the fullest. I realise now, that if I never go Brunei, I would live to regret the decision. I want to go, and I am looking forward to go. I have been having a heavy heart on whether to go, but now, there is no turning back. Andre's death taught me that life is just borrowed time. Use it wisely, but be prepared to dump the plans and ambitions to enjoy life sometimes.

Goodbye Andre Tang.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stand Ye Steady

We are now at war with a hidden enemy. H1N1 virus have beaten the border checkpoints and now is starting to spread in the country. But now isn't the time to look for scapegoats, but rather the time to fight the inevitable. To all healthcare workers, continue the fight. There isn't any choice right. I lay tribute to all healthcare workers, especially to my fellow medic brothers, who were caught in the confusion of the ever rising cases. The flu have made themselves apparent, and now, we have joined the fight. The next video is a tribute to all healthcare workers. May we fight on.

In tribute to Michael Jackson. Your passing has wrecked the hearts of million of fans, including me, who have growned up listening your songs. You are what Elvis have been to my parents. Long Live the KING!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The ultimate sacrifice.

   The total embodiment of the ultimate warrior. Willing to die for the defence of his country. Making the ultimate sacrifice. It is not easy to make a decision to die for your country. The kamikaze pilots are the bravest warrior in history.

   Anyway, I still can't get over this. Imagine surfing Facebook and you see this cute little picture. I still can't believe she got a facebook account. And she looks cute too. Haha. Here's more photo of her.

    Haha. I hope you grow into a good smart beautiful girl. Soo cute. A baby with a Facebook account. Haha.

   Anyway, I was thinking of starting another blog. I miss those essays that I used to write for social studies and history and English classes. Boring as they may be, they were really more artistic and argumentative than writing here along with my personal stuff. I might lah.

   Anyway, this is just a short, fast-game post. I post again later. Tata.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

There will be no mercy, for cowards or TRAITORS!!!!

We had been planning this paintball trip for months. We finally manage to pull it off and despite the rain and poor weather, we still had great fun playing shoot out with each other. Thanks to Michele for organizing it and those that came. Also we would like to thank Red Dynasty Paintball Park for their awesome services.

It was really fun. I really felt like it was on the battlefield. Seriously, i really felt scared when i was behind cover and those paintball hit my cover, making you felt really pinned. And the guns even sounded as if

Team A: The Specs Team consisting of the two Specialist, Sgt. Eugene Lai and Sgt. Benjamin Mak, as well as the injured Mother Michele Lim, and the IMH Staff Nurse Jaclyn Tan.
This is the team to beat. Despite Michele's ankle injury, Eugene is a Medic instructor and Ben is on the road to be a Starlight's senior medic. Both are BSLC trained, and Jac is no sweet talking girl you could just mess with. This is clearly one dangerous team.

Team B: The Special Forces, led by the navy medic, LCP Jeremy Yao and the special-unit medic CPL Rehan bin Rahim, along with Gurkha-blooded Anita Magar and titty-killer Yvonne Lau.
This team aren't to be messed with either. Jeremy was trained as an NDU medic and Rehan is in the only medic's "Special Forces" (Medics have their special forces, so don't laugh!). And Anita is Gurkha man!!! GURKHA!!! Hahaha. And despite that cute look, Yvonne kills nipple far bigger than the average man.

Team C: The Underdogs, formed by Lancer Medic LCP Ahmad Firdaus, Gunner Medic LCP Roy Ter and Orthopaedic Staff Nurse Shirley Ong
The Underdog team due to their smaller numbers, this team cannot be under-estimated. LCP Ahmad is a proud marksman while LCP Roy is the only platoon medic out of all the medics. And Shirley isn't really gonna go down that easily.

If there was an award for the game, then the list below will be cover it.

The Saving Private Ryan Award: This Award goes to Team A for completing their objectives, just like the movie. And just like the movie, they sustain high casualties on the way, too.

The Bridge Too Far Award: This goes to team B. Though they failed in their objectives, they put up a hard fight.

The Enemy At the Gates Award: This is awarded to Team C. Not because they were snipers like in the movie but they were like the Russians. At the start of the movie, the Russians were supposed to charge the German lines and the Russians were saying " From now on, it is either victory or death!". For your information, all the Russians died in that scene. ;)

Team A Best Player:Benjamin wins it for me. He really show why he is a combat specialist.

Team B Best Player: Jeremy could have win it except he was too stupid. So the award goes to Rehan for pinning down half of the opponents.

Team C Best Player: With my masked fogged up, I was pratically useless. So the I gave the award to Shirley who manage to capture an objective for us.

Hahaha. I blog again tomorrow. Tata.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Bells Call for thee.

Dear family and friends. I will be flying off to the land of trees, mountains and oil on the 27th of July, 2009. I will be posted there for a year, if you dont already knew. The start of my globe trotting journey away from the motherland a.k.a Pasir Ris. Hahaha. Anyway, thanks to those who volunteered to send me off. Some of them even took off. That I felt touched. Thanks guys.

Anyway, was browsing through Facebook, when I saw my own god-daughter's profile. She is reaching 1 years old and she got a Facebook account. Hahaha. Yah, kids these days so lucky. I her age was fascinated by how delicious my the tasteless baby food taste. Hahaha. Anyway, just to show her cute photos. After all, I am going to shoot her mother next week at paintball. :P

She sooo cute right!!! Hahaha. You take care little girl, and make sure you be happy ok, and listen to your mummy and daddy!!! Anyway, not much, I got a lot of photos to upload, but no mood to upload.

Anyway, plans for the future. I have decided. I will apply for Khoo Teck Puat Hospital after my ORD. Before that, I can already drive and ride, and probably have enough for my own Vespa anyway. I want to work in the AnE Department. Probably live my life out in the general ward too. Be patient and maybe I get promoted, though I am fine with seniority. Oooo, I was reading this book call Bloodletting and Miraculous Cure by Dr.Vincent Lam. Sound like a medical handout, but its really a novel about four medical students and their lives in the medical field. I really feel that its a good read. The best part was during the SARs period, where the challenges they face and the countless sacrificed made by many healthcare workers at that time were all recounted as the characters made sacrifices in order to prevent SARs.

Anyway, I'll blog again another day. Take care.

-State of War Over-

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Its the nicer one right?

Its still a state of war, so don't expect me to sing like a canary. Anyway, I blog to touch on certain issues, and of course, just blog about life.

First up, whats with Phua Chu Kang as a Courtesy Mascot? I ain't going to listen to a guy in yellow boots, curly hair and a mole preach to me about courtesy. Especially when his fame is dwindling in the country. Give Phua Chu Kang a dignified extinction. Don't plaster his image everywhere in the train and bustops. I say we bring back Courtesy the Lion. He is a vintage mascot, and of course, vintage is the trend.

H1N1 flu is spreading in Singapore like wildfire. Or is it? Please people, research first when you want to make comments. I hate it when many people are blaming the first patient with H1n1 in Singapore as selfish for refusing to cancel her trip to the US. For your information, she immediately reported herself when she found out she had flu, and they were able to isolate her. And even if she did cancel her trip, H1N1 flu will still come to Singapore.

Put trust in Mr. Khaw Boon Wan, the Minister of Health. For your information, H1n1 flu only has 131 death out of 20000+++ cases. The seasonal flu that has been hitting us for years has a death rate of 500,000 death worldwide a year, out of a total case of 3million to 5million cases per year!!! In fact, once researchers have confirmed that this will be just one of those seasonal flu, we might be going to green. Stop the nonsense of the world being wipe out by pig flu. Its getting on my nerve! There treatment for H1N1 flu. Please, just watch your health, and not worry too much.

Anyway, I am gonna miss Sembawang Medical Centre once my Brunei flight details have been confirmed. The guys there are great. I have really bonded with them, though too bad, I will be leaving them soon. I was hoping that if they decide not to send me to Brunei, I want to stay there at Sembawang. Hahaha.

Anyway, no more stuff to blog about. I am tired, I gonna sleep first. Tata.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hi, welcome back.

I have just watch Nights At the Museum 2, and I love it. I gave it 5 out of 5. A must watch movie. Its really funny, maybe better than the first. There was the old characters, and of course some new one as well, but the lines are just smart, and it was really funny. The best scene was when Darth Vader and Oscar the Grouch came for a villain interview. And I feel that Hank Azaria's performance as Kah Mun Rah, the main villain was really excellent. A definite must watch.

Anyway, not much to blog. I dont want to blog much about life. Life goes on. Korea might be going to war, Singapore got its first Swine Flu (I don't really care what you people call it, its still swine flu to me.), and Manchester United lost to Barcelona. No big deal. Life is still the same. Change is obnoxious. One day, the fight must go on.

So thats it. Watch Nights at the Museum 2.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not in the best of Shape.

I wanted to write happy stuff. The stuff that when people read, they get happy. Unfortunately, not today. I got a lot of happy stuff to write, but not now. If I write them all down now, then it would be just a facade to what I am really feeling.

I am really angry. I want to vent my anger on something. I just need to let it out. Talking won't do. I want to beat people up. I don't know why I got a short fused. I dont care anymore. Anyway, I am tired. I want to sleep. Don't tag about this topic, don't even comment. I am not in the best of mood to even talk to anybody, even myself. Let me be.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Belated Posts

To my Mother, Happy Mother's Day. For all the wrong doings in the past, I know as a mother, you will always forgive me. I can never repay the dedication and effort you spent to bring me up. Thank You Mother, and Happy Mother's Day.
Happy 21st Birthday, Michele.To my adopted sister, may you and your family be blessed with happy tidings, and I will always there to guide you whenever you are lost in Pasir Ris, even from Brunei. Take care.

Sorry haven't blog for so long. Had nothing to blog about. Yvonne is being a bitch about me not having an interesting life. What can I say, other than I got a boring friend like Yvonne. How was I suppose to do anything interesting if you keep dragging me out only to eat. Below two photos to my two bitches who keep dragging out for their own entertainment.

Not much else. I'll update if anything interesting. Now very bored one. Take care. Tatata

Sunday, May 03, 2009


I cannot say anything. I am addicted to Warhammer Online. Caecillia had a 5 hour battle today. Trust me it was epic. It was chaotic. Destruction attacked us till we had to reform our line. They took everything and in fact, we were despairing. They were relentless. They came so close that we had to use our fortress cannons to drive them back. But soon, more men arrived, and we slowly push them back. Soon, we even send expedition to elf and dwarf land to reclaim theirs. Thats how powerful our warband become. Help. Its addictive.

Anyway, got work tomorrow. Good day. :P
Ok. I am now currently addicted to Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Its a fantastic MMORPG. Ben, Shirley and Yvonne bought it for my 21st birthday. Its great. Though similar to World Of Warcraft in some aspect, its PvP elements (known as R&R in the game) is unique and the game is just fantastic. I engage enemy players at level 5, rarely heard of in World of Warcraft, where you need to be at maximum level, well-geared before you even think of fighting the enemy. In WAR, I fought enemy players twice my level (Of course, ambushing them and aiming for their weaker support units :p).

This is so fantastic. Let me introduce you to my two characters. I am playing in two server, a Role-playing server and a core-server. The core server is the normal server while the Role-playing server caters to players who want to really pretend the persona of their character.

This is Caecillia, my level 5 Witch-Hunter. I like the class as it suits my playing style of harassing enemy force. I use her sneakily, chasing down retreating unit and attacking team support players who are basically weak in melee fights. Since she is in the role-playing server, I gave her a name in German in line with Warhammer Lore and a backstory. Haha. Well, Caecillia comes from the Empire capital of Altdorf. Having never leave the city, she join the Order of the Griffon to seek adventure. She lost her eye in a skirmish against marauders attacking northern village. She has since been a season fighter, fighting enemies of the Empire. Caecillia fighting onboard the Nordland XI

On the way to the lagoon with an Order Warband

The slow reclaiming of Fesenplatz

Fesenplatz was on of Caecillia most epic battlescene. Battered by the Forces of Destruction, Order forces regrouped and form a line near Fesenplatz. Outnumbered, the Order forces had nothing to lose but try to charge the enemy line. Destruction forces attack the line but were held back as more Order warriors join the fight and soon they began counterattacking. The Forces of Destruction were slowly being push back and they desperately attempt to hold back the reinvigorated Order. Caecillia played a crucial role, attacking enemy healers and mage while protecting Order healers from being attacked by desperate Destruction forces.

So anyway, I'll update tomorrow on my classic Dwarf character. Hehe. I havent test him in R&R yet so i'll show him later on. Anyway. Good night people.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Flu-ing the trend

I know swine flu is the CURRENT news among the populace here, but I will still touch on it cause I am a healthcare worker too (You don't seriously think that we are engineers right?) and the swine flu affects me as it does to every health care worker.

Tell you the truth, I relish the challenges that the healthcare worker face in the fight against this new pandemic. Ever since SARS, I had always wanted to volunteer against such dangerous disease. I don't want such things to happen, but in times like this, I want to be in the thick of the actions. You may ask, why risk your own life? My sister made this point.

"I were to die by the will of god, then so be it. Its a risk I took when I joined Nursing."

Anyway, its now level Orange. All around the countries, defences are being set up against the infectious disease. Frontline staff in contact with patients are being told to wear Personal Protective Equipment, while relatives are being turn away in order to prevent the tragic incident of SARs occuring again. Even in the Army, necessary precautions are being taken efficiently and effectively, though I am in no position to comment on that. The whole state is basically near the state of war. Sounds like I am really making a Zidane out of a Noh Alam Shah, but it really can be seen. Singapore is prepared. Even if Swine flu is to strike us here, the impact might be dulled by such swift and effective actions.

Anyway, I advise you guys to take necessary precautions and try to keep yourself healthy this coming days by watching your diet, drinking lots of water, and seeking treatment immediately if any signs of flu or fever occur. At the same time, carry out your daily life as usual. I plead on the general public, to treat healthcare workers kindly. Already, workers are hearing nasty comments from general public, saying they shouldn't take buses. Remember SARs, and remember those who died in the fight. May their experience be a lesson to us all.

Carry on the Fight!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm Not sure I want Pride, Honor and Glory if it means death

Finally got to updating my blog. I had been wanting to change the template for a long time but couldn't find one nice enough in Blogskins. So in the end, I decide to go for the professional approach by choosing a simple one from the given template. I was inspired after seeing Tuan Guru Dato' Haji Nik Abdul Aziz Bin Nik Mat. He is the spiritual leader of PAS, or Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, the Malaysian opposition political party that advocates Shariah law to Malaysian Muslim.

I am not really concern about Malaysian politics though its interesting to see how politics is part and parcel of their everyday household. I have read the books of Nik Aziz Nik Mat and I must say, he is an intelligent man with a great mind. While he advocates Shariah Law for the Muslims in Malaysia, he does reject racial-politics that have long plague Malaysian politics. I really admire his judgement and wisdom.

Anyway, politics aside, I want to revamp my writing style. This is in line, of course, with my turn of age, alas, my 21st Birthday resolution. Yes people, I am 21 years old now. I can now legally do almost anything that is legal in Singapore ( If there is ANYTHING legal. Haha.). My previous writing style has been quite erratic, with a tinge of recklessness, unbothered style of writing. Now, with a new neat template, I want to write with a sense of professionalism that I put in my work. I will of course try to cover current events, but I would still write about my personal life as well. Don't worry.

Okay, I know you are not reading all this nonsense because you want to hear about Nik Aziz Nik Mat. So I turn 21 on the 25th April last Saturday. We had a doa selamat or prayers to seek Allah S.W. for my safe journey to Brunei. Ustadz Ahmad Rais really touched us when he emphasise on the fact that I am doing this for my family and duty. I am still not sure yet when I will be going, but I know if I don't go, there will be lots of profanities flying around because I went for surgery to remove all 4 of my wisdom tooth. Yes! All four wisdom tooth. You heard me. I had to go under General Anaesthesia as well, which means they put me to sleep. I ate porridge for almost a week. Haha.

Anyway, it was great to have a reunion with my families, relatives and friends. I will miss them loads in Brunei. Haha. I am going to Brunei because it is my duty to my country. The pay and the experience is a plus, but like my Officer Commanding told me,

"You can't chose how or where to defend your country. If you won't defend your country, who will defend your family?"

Sound cliche, but the point is made. I want to meet all my friends and family, all those who I love, and I want them to know that my choice to volunteer to go to Brunei will always have second thoughts. The only reason I am not backing out is because of duty and honour. I always want to make my parents proud, and this is the best opportunity to do so.

Anyway, if you look at the time of the post, you realise I am blogging in wee hours in the morning. I want to rest now. Goodni... Er, fine, Good Morning people. Take care and tata.